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How it works: Get it. Load it. Use it.

Managing your money has never been easier. With the SilverCard Prepaid MasterCard®, It's simple:
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No Credit Check and Guaranteed Approval*

I can do all the things I used to do with a credit card, but without getting deeper into debt because I only spend what's on my card. Albert – Ridgeland, MS
SilverCard Prepaid MasterCard

Everything is Easier With SilverCard

Say goodbye to check cashing fees and enjoy easy online bill pay and fast cash transfers any time you like. Have your paycheck ready for you on payday with Direct Deposit and never wait in line again to get your money. Bill pay, check cashing and money order fees all add up, so save your time and money with the easy to use and ultra convenient SilverCard Prepaid MasterCard® with Direct Deposit. Managing your money has never been so easy. Get yours today.

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Guaranteed Approval*, no credit check, and no bank account is necessary to get a SilverCard Prepaid MasterCard. It's quick and easy! Sign up today.

Activate Your Card

Once your application is successful, you will receive your SilverCard Prepaid MasterCard in 7-10 days. Call the phone number on your card to activate it.

Add Cash

To start using your SilverCard, you'll need to add cash to your card. With Direct Deposit, your paycheck, government or Social Security check arrives to you instantly on payday. It's FREE - just provide your employer with the Direct Deposit form. Or you can add cash instantly at more than 100,000 retail locations nationwide.


Once you've loaded your SilverCard with cash, shop in stores or online, everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted. Your money is protected with the MasterCard Zero Liability policy.

Pay Bills

Pay your bills online with your SilverCard. Imagine, no more costly money orders or waiting in line to pay your bills. Avoid late fees and check cashing fees.

Get Cash

Withdraw cash at millions of ATMs.

Access Your Account Online

Keep track of your SilverCard MasterCard activity online 24/7. View online statements, pay bills, check your balance and more. Also, sign up to receive card account balance alerts to your cell phone or email for FREE.