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Direct Deposit. Simple, Fast and Free.

The easiest way to load your SilverCard Prepaid MasterCard®. It's fast and free ... no more waiting in line or check-cashing fees.


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My benefits check is deposited right to my card, so I get my money faster and without having to wait in line at the check-cashing place. Roberta – Columbia, SC
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How Direct Deposit Works

With Direct Deposit, your paycheck or government benefits check is deposited into your account automatically each payday. You get paid faster, and you don't have to wait in line or pay to cash your checks. The moment your employer pays you, your money is on the card.

Signing Up Is Easy

Gather this information.

Routing and account numbers: Log into your cardholder account and click on Direct Deposit to get your Routing Number and Account Number.


Download a Direct Deposit form. Fill it out and give it to your employer. Easy.


Call 1-877-889-5106.

Government Benefits Checks

Do you receive a Social Security, VA Compensation or other federal government benefits check? You can Direct Deposit these to your card as well. It's easy to set up, and you'll get your check faster. Call 1-877-889-5106 for details.

Direct Deposit Q&A

What is Direct Deposit?
Direct Deposit allows employers or the Government to automatically deposit your pay or government benefits directly into your SilverCard Prepaid MasterCard account. The electronic payments are safe and secure. Payments reach your card account the day the check is issued, eliminating the need for you to stand in line to cash your check.

Am I eligible for Direct Deposit?
Yes. Most employers and government benefit providers offer Direct Deposit as a method to receive your pay. Check with your employer or benefits provider. Then give them the voided check that came with your SilverCard or download the SilverCard Direct Deposit Form to get started.

How do I start Direct Deposit on my SilverCard?
First, ask your employer or benefits provider if Direct Deposit is available. Then you can either give them the voided check that came with your SilverCard, download the Direct Deposit form or call 1-877-889-5106. Generally, it takes 1-2 pay periods for your employer to start depositing your paycheck in your SilverCard MasterCard account. Your money is safe and protected by the MasterCard Zero Liability policy.

When will my money be available on my SilverCard?
Your money will be available on your SilverCard on your payday or the date the check is issued.

How do I know if my money was deposited to my SilverCard account?
Sign up to access your SilverCard account online 24/7 at You can check your balance and manage your card account online. Also, sign up to receive your balance information through our free SMS Text Alert service sent to your cell phone or email.

If I change jobs, can I restart Direct Deposit?
Yes. To restart Direct Deposit on your SilverCard MasterCard, fill out a new Direct Deposit form, and give it to your new employer. The Direct Deposits from your previous job will automatically stop.

Can I use Direct Deposit for one time deposits?
Yes. You can deposit your tax refund or other one time payments from institutions that offer Direct Deposit onto your SilverCard. You would need to provide the information on the Direct Deposit form. Login to your online card account to download this information.